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Tom chaplin dating

When asked by Vanity Fair in 1926 to describe his ideal woman, he replied: ‘I am not exactly in love with her, but she is entirely in love with me.’ No one had particularly high expectations of this apparently reserved young Englishman when he made his first Hollywood picture.

It lasted just 13 minutes, had no sound and took no more than three days to shoot.

One of the first to discover this was his co-star Edna Purviance, whom he met in 1915, when he was 25.

He’d recently left Keystone studios — where films were completed in two or three days — for a studio which allowed him to spend three weeks on each one.

Chaplin confessed to having sexual relations with more than 2,000 women He boasted frequently about his conquests, and eventually confessed to having had sexual relations with more than 2,000 women. Of course, it helped that by his mid-20s, his phenomenally successful films had made him the most recognised man in the world.

He was short — between 5ft 4in and 5ft 6½in — and his head was a little too large for his lithe and delicate body.

She’d already had one son out of wedlock and, although she was married to a successful music-hall artist called Charles Chaplin, it’s unlikely that he was Charlie’s real father.

Whatever the truth, Chaplin senior gave the infant his name.

Most of the time, he used and discarded his partners at will.But a year after the birth, he walked out — probably because he suspected Hannah of infidelity — leaving her and the boys to lead an impoverished existence.Charlie later confessed that his mother had many subsequent affairs.One of the first to discover this was his co-star Edna Purviance, whom he met in 1915.The pair are pictured here in 1918 film The Bond The predominant smells were those of vinegar, dog dung, smoke and beer, compounded by the stink of poverty.

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The houses and tenements were bursting with people, so women and children spent much of their time on the streets.