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guys after Craig and let me tell you, whenever I’ve been overly available I went through that same cycle.

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The frequency of calls and texts declined…he was always “too busy” to hang out…he stopped initiating contact (but would always respond when I reached out to him, acting nice and normal like always)…

Eventually, I stopped reaching out because it was starting to make me feel like an idiot…and he was never to be heard from again.

My schedule was more flexible than his so it made sense that I should work around his schedule, right?

While in theory that makes sense, in reality, Craig started pulling away more and more.

While guys enjoy the pursuit, they hate it when you act in a way that is deliberately trying to get them to chase you. And to be clear, that is not what I’m talking about here.I am not saying get him to pursue you by acting unavailable, I’m saying actually be unavailable.By that, I mean fill your life with fun, meaningful activities.And do not cancel any of these fun, meaningful activities just because he calls and wants to see you.When you have a fulfilling life of your own that exists completely separate from him, you will automatically be seen as having great value.

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