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Turkish dating customs

At different points in the history of Rome, baths were gender segregated by place or time, while at other times the bathing was mixed.

(Fagan, Bathing in Public in the Roman World) Ritual bathing is also part of ancient (and modern) Jewish culture.

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Because bathhouses had mixed facilities, church authorities condemned women's attendance at mixed gender bathhouses.

The whole body of the person or vessel to be purified must be totally immersed.

And, most significant for our purposes, the water must be "living" water.

While Roman manors often had their own smaller private bath-houses, the Roman public generally frequented relatively inexpensive public baths.

By the peak of their popularity, they included hot and cold rooms, and medium-temperature lounging rooms with a variety of extra services such as food, wine, exercise and/or personal training being offered.

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