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We have today (30 September 2015) released Estimates of the Very Old (including Centenarians) 2002 to 2014 for England and Wales, and the United Kingdom (UK).These are annual mid-year estimates by sex and single year of age for people aged 90 to 104 and for the 105 and over age group.In 1984, 19% of the population aged 65 and over were in their 80s and 2% were aged 90 and over.By 2014, 22% of those aged 65 and over were in their 80s and 5% were aged 90 or over (Figure 1).Over the period 1984 to 2014, the proportion of the 90 and over population aged 90 to 94 decreased from 82% to 80% while the proportion aged 95 to 99 increased from 16% to 17% and the proportion aged 100 and over (centenarians) increased from 2% to 3% (Figure 4).Although centenarians account for only 3% of the population aged 90 and over and only 0.02% of the overall UK population, their numbers are growing.

Most striking has been the increase in the number and proportion of the “oldest old”.

To provide users with a consistent set of estimates by single year of age up to age 105 and over, the “Estimates of the Very Old (including Centenarians)” series is constrained to the 90 and over totals in the MYE.

The analysis here focuses on the UK but includes comparisons between England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Although the 90 and over group account for only a very small proportion of the overall UK population (0.9% in 2014), the size of this age group relative to the rest of the population has increased over time.

In 1984, there were 332 people aged 90 and over per 100,000 population; by 1994 this had increased to 503; by 2004 it had reached 675 and the latest figures for 2014 show there were 853 people aged 90 and over per 100,000 population in the UK (Figure 3).

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Although these estimates were made available for research purposes, they were not officially published.

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