Updating bathroom mirrors updating traditional dining room furniture

Posted by / 27-Oct-2016 18:38

Various lighting options highlight the individual areas throughout. With the purchase of inexpensive paint and supplies, you can dress up your bathroom's walls with a bold mural or stenciled pattern.

With the addition of sleek storage and a seamless shower, RMR user Tenhulzen Residential created a space that feels much more open and relaxing.RMR user shenobie spent less than 0 on a bathroom remodel by purchasing materials that were on sale and selling the bathroom’s old vanity and hardware to recoup some cash.Instead of replacing your bathroom mirror, dress it up by adding decorative molding around the edges to create a custom, high-end look.It's OK to splurge on one or two items in your bathroom as long as you look for ways to save in other areas.RMR user Karen Spirit saved money on her bathroom remodel by purchasing a slightly damaged claw foot tub for and a 0 vanity on e Bay.

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RMR user mmopt added new molding and shelves to an existing bathroom vanity, then topped off the remodel with a fresh coat of paint and a pair of inexpensive mirrors.