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I tried calling them but of course they don't answer. She was able to do this over the phone with me so thankfully it did not require a visit into an office.

On this page you can apply for a first time Nexus card or renew your expired one.

Some clients may check the status of their immigration or citizenship application online anytime and anywhere, (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

All other clients can use processing times as a guide to determine how long it can take to process their application.

The government fee is payable after your profile is established in the government system.

If you violate any condition of the Nexus program, your privileges may be revoked.At the time, I tried to do it on the GOES site but I couldn't get it to work.When I spoke to the officer at the Nexus office, she told me that even had I successfully updated my info online, I still had to come in because Canada and the u S maintained separate filing systems and GOES would only take care of 1/2 of the requirement. If it was me though, I'd be tempted to stop in at an enrollment centre if it's convenient or call 1-866-639-8726 (1-866-Nexus-26).They will check your application for mistakes, omissions and for consistence with CBP requirements.They will create or update your profile for you in the government system and enter your data.

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Children under 18 are processed for free if they are applying with at least one parent or guardian.

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