Updating javascript in xp

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Updating javascript in xp

It improves performance by compiling "non-traceable" Java Script into machine language for faster execution.Firefox 4 no longer relies on the underlying OS for text layout/shaping. This allows for smart Open Type layout/shaping which is consistent across different operating systems.Since Firefox 4.0 Beta 5, hardware acceleration of content is enabled by default on Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines using Direct2D, on OS X using Quartz (basically CPU-only), and Linux using XRender.

Users can create persistent "app tabs", and customize the tab bar, as well as the bookmark and navigation bars. Jäger Monkey is a new Java Script engine designed to work alongside the Trace Monkey engine introduced with Firefox 3.5.

As a comparison, the usage share for the Internet Explorer 9 on March 22 was 0.87%, and it was released the prior week, on March 14.

A potential factor on Firefox 4’s higher usage share is that the latter supports both Windows 2000 and XP, two operating systems Internet Explorer 9 does not support.

One of the performance optimizations was moving all application data into a single file, omni.jar, using a new file format based on the Java Archive format (previous versions used multiple files in the Java Archive format)[1].

For later versions the file was renamed Ship twelfth revision of beta, with all beta N hardblockers fixed.

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Firefox 4 has marked a major change in performance in comparison to former versions 3.6 and 3.5.