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Updating myspace and facebook simultaneously

Posting on each site manually will get old very, very quickly.

The solution: Post a single message on both networks simultaneously!

One of the things that the new Facebook pages design makes obvious above all others is the lack of updates on a Facebook page.

While updating your Facebook page on Facebook itself is recommended, many businesses will still prefer to use a social media management tool for the sake of productivity and ease of use.

Updates Lumped Together You also have to worry about updates from third-party tool getting clumped together.By logging into your Facebook account, you can install the app, then give it permission to update your Facebook status via Twitter posts [source: Inside Facebook].With the Twitter app up and running and linked to your Facebook account, your tweets will automatically find their way to Facebook with no extra effort on your part. Maybe you want to get your updates on Twitter and Facebook without actually using either website.One thing that Edge Rank has the potential of doing is lowering the value of an update from a third-party tool and prioritizing updates that are made directly on Facebook.This means that pages with updates from third-party apps may not get as much engagement.

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Users Can Hide Third-Party Apps Facebook users have the choice to hide updates made by third-party apps from their news feed entirely.

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