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Other than being a lot more powerful, as you’d expect, the most important difference between the two is that they use completely different architectures.

The PS3 uses a custom Sony-made Cell architecture that was long criticised for being hard to develop for.

Sony’s latest console definitely has taken a different tack.

It uses an x86-based chip, which is the same type used in both Windows PCs and the Xbox One.

The company has released smaller versions of all of its preceding consoles – and Microsoft just did the same with its Xbox One S – and the shrunken Play Station 4 is likely to take the place of the existing one in Sony’s line-up.

The PS4 has been out in the wild for over three years now, and if you've yet to upgrade, now is the perfect time.

However, it is worth considering that our now two-year old PS4 is creating quite a lot of fan noise when playing games.

If you want to avoid this, there's a new PS4 "C-Chassis" model that is a lot quieter and slightly smaller than the original PS4.

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It also brings the console range in line with the Xbox, after Microsoft released the slimmer Xbox One S and is rumoured to be working on a more powerful console for release in the future.

Sony said in June that it was planning to launch the high-end Play Station 4 – codenamed Neo, but not necessarily to be released under that name – as a way of keeping up interest in the console.

Both of the new consoles will be released at an event at the Play Station theatre in New York on 7 September.

Together, Sony hopes that the two consoles will allow it to keep interest from hardcore and more casual gamers.

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It is, as was originally hoped, a lot quieter than the PS3.