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Updating the b 52

The upgraded, movable weapons bay launchers are expected to increase the bomber's weapons capacity and flexibility, as well as enabling it to carry GPS-guided weapons for the first time.

The modification project will provide launchers with the ability to carry, target and launch eight joint direct attack weapons.

Now, thanks to new software-defined radios such as the ARC-210, ground stations can beam new data/targeting coordinates straight to the B-52’s computers and weaponry.

The upgrade includes the modification of an existing common strategic rotary launcher in the internal weapons bay into a conventional rotary launcher.Because the ability to carry 20 AGM SRAM nuclear missiles, or a dozen cruise missiles, just wasn’t enough.Oh, and did I mention that some B-52s have been modified to carry drones? But hey, I guess the US Air Force has to try and keep up with the Navy’s roll-out of laser weapons, railguns, and plasma cannons.With CONECT, the B-52H could stay in active service until 2040, almost 90 years after it was first introduced, despite the (expected) long-overdue introduction of a new Long Range Strike Bomber in the 2020s.Beyond CONECT, some Stratofortresses are also slated to receive the 1760 Internal Weapons Bay Upgrade (IWBU), which will increase bomb capacity by 66%.

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The aircraft entered service with the USAF in 1955, and is also operated by the US Navy for anti-surface and submarine warfare operations.

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