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Validating auto blood pressure monitors

To assess the technical and economic feasibility of co-firing with algal biomass and the design of a supporting closed loop system., £112,500, Centre for Process Innovation BRF scale up and process modelling, £97,800, Mycologix Limited Integrated Carbon, Waste and Cost Modelling for Design of Low Impact Buildings, £231,916, Best Foot Forward Ltd A Whole Life Carbon Management (WLCM) ‘Key’, £217,632, Southfacing Services Ltd Passive Design Assistant software tool, £38,567, Ove Arup & Partners Ltd Project Whole Life Carbon Calculation and Mitigation Tool, £98,709, Davis Landgon LLP interoperable Carbon Assessment Toolkit (i CAT), £237,311, AEC3 (UK) Ltd Concept to Completion Design Tools for Sustainable Buildings, £603,012, House Builder XL Ltd Carbon Buzz, £374,811, Aedas Architects Ltd Carbon Counter, £387,500, C4CI Limited IMPACT – Computational whole-building life cycle assessment and life cycle costing, £576,330, BRE Global Ltd BLP LCC for sustainability.

An on-line toolkit modelling capital costs, operational costs, embodied and running energy costs and CO2 emissions for dwellings, £634,608, Building Lifeplans Ltd Low Energy and Sustainable Solutions Online k Nowledge System (LESSONS), £359,876, Pick Everard Advanced Design Optimisation (ADOPT), £169,322, Design Builder Software Ltd Rapid Prototyping and Analysis Tool for Environmental and Cost Performance Improvement and Emissions Reductions in Low Impact Buildings (RAPIER), £437,093, BDSP Partnership Limited A Simulation-based Optimisation Tool for the Minimisation of Building Carbon Emissions and Water Usage, £439,462, Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd High Efficiency Auxiliary Power Generation and Management (HEAPGAM), £518,673, Optare Group Ltd Hyboost, £1,504,681, Ricardo UK Limited High efficiency digital hydraulic motor for kinetic energy recovery, £750,827, Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd Ultra Cost Efficient Hybrid Powertrain, £730,797, Integral Powertrain Ltd. Printer Interface, £30,750, Completely Novel Limited Building a micropayments service for creative digital content, £50,000, Graphite Film & Television Ltd Content Delivery Over Next Generation Networks, £49,958, Media Service Provider Ltd Freekly: Mobile, £32,109, Music Technology Ltd British Regen Industry Tool Set (BRITS), £1,199,575, Lonza Biologics Plc Regenerative medicine value systems: navigating the uncertainties, £567,631, Biolatris Ltd A Therapy Realization Pathway Tool (TRPT) applied to three representative regenerative medicine therapeutic products: REALISE, £449,265, SSCN Ltd To assess the technical and economic feasibility of co-firing with algal biomass and the design of a supporting closed loop system., £0, Centre for Process Innovation SILOET Project 2 – Integrated Decision Support: Validation Tools, £5,249,999, Rolls-Royce plc SILOET Project 3 – Integrated Decision: Support Systems, £4,800,000, Rolls-Royce plc SILOET Project 4 – High Temperature Materials, £7,894,945, Rolls-Royce plc SILOET Project 5 – Turbomachinery, £7,451,090, Rolls-Royce plc SILOET Project 6 – Core Technology Validation: Systems, £7,094,105, Rolls-Royce plc SILOET Project 7 – Component Technologies, £6,274,990, Rolls-Royce plc SILOET Project 1 – Fan System, £6,149,998, Rolls-Royce plc Novel Ferulic Acid Esterase, £142,350, Biocatalysts Ltd Extracting high value chemicals from microalgae through industrial biotechnology, £140,361, PML Applications EXTRACTOCOL, £137,674, Critical Processes Limited Production of High Value, £128,912, Albany Molecular Research (UK) Ltd* Isolation and Purifcation of a High Value Natural Product, £78,836, Phytovation Ltd Snovel fusion enzymes for industrial processes, £104,700, Polytherics Limited Development of innovative processes for the manufacture of high value nutitional probiotic food additvies, £150,000, Biopharma Technology Ltd* Project Pulse, £150,000, Green Biologics Limited Electrochemical enhancement of fermentative succinic acid production (ELSA), £135,000, C-Tech Innovation Limited Carbonyl reductase-based production of enantipure alcohol libraries for use as pharmaceutical building blocks, £149,475, Almac Sciences Highly Expressed Protein Analogues, £114,000, Lumophore Ltd Sustainable production of platform Chemicals from a new supply chain using a novel continuous ascillatory Baffle (COB) bioreactor, £145,256, Graphite Resources Limited Process evaluation and development for a novel nutraceutical, £123,210, Tdelta S Ltd Stereoselective biotransformation in the manufacture of poly(lactic acid), £148,500, Plaxica Ltd Acetylated Cellulose for the Manufacture of High Performance Composites, £143,370, Building Research Establishment Ltd A Novel Bioprocess to a Natural High Impact Aroma Chemical Utilising a Dual Activity Plant Enzyme, £115,640, Frutarom (UK) Ltd Modification of proteins through continuous technology, £131,117, Ni Tech Soultions Ltd Application of Innovative Materials, Products and Processes to Meet Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 Energy Performance (AIM C4), £3,176,874, Stewart Milne Group Limited e-Wa GS: Efficient Water Gas Shift Technology for Low-Carbon Electric Power Generation from Fossil Fuels, £1,048,164, BP Alternative Energy International Nanoscale Gravity Sensors for Monitoring CO2 Storage, £577,594, BP Alternative Energy Ltd FRETSGATE, £580,911, Oxsensis Ltd Carbon Storage: assessment and validation of emissions .

Architecture, £50,000, Andrew Wright Associates HISTORIC – Rapid Text Input Demonstrator, £50,000, Touch Type Limited HISTORIC – MOBILITY BRIDGE 2, £49,995, Globi Games Ltd HISTORIC – Ocean of Light – an immersive SD light visualisation system, £50,000, Limited HISTORIC – High Street D30 Dance Shoe Development, £50,000, Capulet limited HISTORIC – Digital Forming, £50,000, Within Technologies Limited HISTORIC – Innovating 3D digital print for the textile sector, £49,500, Rubedo Limited HISTORIC – Developing Digital Shower Control Systems (DDSCS), £49,000, Bluefrog design Limited HISTORIC – Hologrames in Fashion, £50,000, Kzeniya limited HISTORIC – Phenomenal Footwear, £50,000, Within Technologies Limited Development of prototype for interactive outside broadcasting, £50,000, Blast Theory STARTLINK lightweight building system, £641,277, Fibreforce Ltd t/a Exel Composites UK Sustainable housing from Sitka spruce – (The Shss House), £205,680, Coed Cymru Cyf Improved Processes and Materials for Energy Saving Glazing, £544,325, SAFC Hitech Limited Tece Wall (Thermal Efficient Cost Effective Wall), £396,800, H H UK Ltd Reduced in-use building energy consumption from improved building temperature stability using dual-function ceramic aqueous paints, £353,908, Imperial Chemical Industries Limited Graywater, £820,360, Wates Group Limited Simple Integrated Composite Architecture Technology (SIMPLICATE), £1,535,000, Airbus Plc SHIFT REF – e Stablishing High Integrity Fabrication Technologies for large REsearch Facility fabrication, £185,000, Davy Markham Ltd Plasma Enhanced Deposited ITO, £300,000, Plasma Quest Limited Intelligent Layup of Composite Components (Inte Lo CC), £783,602, Thyssen Krupp System Engineering Ltd Development of Highly Sensitive NDE Methods for Early Detection of Creep Damage in Alloy Steels Used in High Temperature, High Pressure Power Station Components – CREEP, £204,278, Scottish and Southern Energy plc High Efficiency PCB and Surface Finishing Processes (HEPPROC), £67,300, MARTIN GOOSEY LTD AGGROW, £334,997, Accentus Medical plc Realisation of UK Manufacturing Base for Integrated 3D Multi-Functional Nanosystems, £305,262, GE Aviation Systems – Newmarket Advanced Process & Production Light Enabled Sensors (APPLES), £610,923, Stratophase Ltd High Value, low CO2 active binder concrete products, £271,000, Building Research Establishment Ltd “CP-STAR” – Tethered catylysts: Step-change, high purity manufacture of high value pharmaceutical, fine chemical and biotechnology products, £718,774, Reaxa Ltd MPower D, £1,342,013, Diamond Microwave Devices Ltd Next Generation High-Value Titanium Production in the UK, £862,049, Metalysis Ltd Creation of an Innovative Myoelectric Powered Compliant Upper Limb Prosthetic with Fully Articulated Fingers, Thumb and Wrist based on Individually Actuated Digits (DIGIT-ALL), £539,197, Hugh Steeper Limited Rapid Part – Significant Step Change in the Selective Laser Melting Powder Bed Process for the Manufacture of High Value Components, £936,373, Weir Valves & Controls UK Ltd Biocatalysis and Chemical Engineering for Manufacturing Intensification and Sustainabiliy(BIOCHEMIST), £509,137, C-Tech Innovation Ltd STEP – Scalable Technology for the Extraction of Pharmaceuticals, £744,546, Glaxo Smith Kline Research and Development Ltd Advanced manufacturing process for the production of individualised cell therapies, £1,155,327, Cell Medica Ltd SMART Laser Manufacturing, £826,604, SPI Lasers UK Ltd Through Life Energy and Resource Modelling (THERM), £620,759, Airbus UK Ltd SHIELD, £978,227, Corin Limited Advance Secondary Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, £1,525,891, Glaxo Group Ltd Manufacture of Low Cost, High Efficacy Vaccine, £257,311, Immuno Biology Limited Realising the potential of next generation printed phatmaceuticals, £581,891, Glaxo Group Limited Process for Increased Production and Reduction of Hard Fat in Puff and Laminated Pastry (FORNAX), £404,869, Bakehouse Ltd Innovative Processing Technologies for Ultra-Light High Performance Composites (Hi Per Com), £963,782, Lola Composites Ltd Selective Extraction of Valuable Food Processing Components using Ionic Liquids EXCIL, £607,484, C-Tech Innovation Limited Heatal Project: Replacement of Copper with Aluminum in Electrical Heating Cables, £1,186,191, Heat Trace Limited FULLFLUSH, £522,993, Welland Medical Limited Low-Cost Poly(lactic acid) LC-PLA, £487,809, Plaxica Ltd SPRINT, £395,812, MTT Technologies Ltd Development of In-Situ, Non-Invasive Monitoring of the Integrity of above ground Storage Tanks using Novel Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT) Techniques, £433,695, TWI Ltd (Industrial) Commercial manufacture of a novel dual hepatitis vaccine (Hepatacore), £569,891, i Qur Ltd Smart and Effective Engineering Manufacturing (SEEM), £618,453, Renishaw PLC Manufacturing Solutions for high value induced Pluripotent Stem cell products (MS-i PS), £39,919, Cell Centric Ltd Ultra High PCP Diesel Engine, £1,110,166, Caterpillar UK Engines Co Ltd Delta2 Digital Print Engine, £300,000, Tonejet Limited u PAC, £151,307, Compound Semiconductor Bel Canto, £200,091, Sandvik Hard Materials Rapid discovery of new high security taggants: from laboratory to market, £194,049, Sun Chemical High Efficiency Deep Grinding, £218,550, Bosch Rexroth Limited DRIFT, £242,499, Computerised Information LASMI – Laser Deposited Advanced Structures and Surfaces for Medical Implants, £243,871, Stanmore Implants Worldwide Limited INTERTEX, £822,930, North West Aerospace Alliance Process Integration and Product Enhancement Through Crystal Growth Modifiers, £773,929, Syngenta Ltd IMP, £267,283, M-Solv Ltd Empathy, £220,902, Surface Technology International Nano Connect, £283,534, TWI Ltd CAMWELD, £314,500, Subsea 7 Pipeline Productions Ltd Novel Blending and Processing of Biomass Waste (REFERTILIZER), £155,289, Tate & Lyle Plc The Modelling and Development of Low-Noise Polymer-Based Plumbing Systems (SOUNDPROOF), £134,314, Polypipe Terrain Plant Derived Energy efficient floor covering, £133,999, Armstrong Floor Products Europe* Manufactured Mineral Absorbents, £182,564, Bob Martin (UK) Limited ALMA, £170,229, CRDM Ltd Next Generation filament winding, £379,082, CTM Equipment Limited Warm Aluminium Forming Technologies – WAFT, £1,435,506, Jaguar Cars Limited Peugeot Electric Cars, £1,937,503, Allied Vehicles Ltd Ford Focus Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), £2,391,287, Ford Motor Company Ltd Mini E Research Project United Kingdom, £3,360,725, BMW EVADINE, £5,392,887, Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd EEMS Accelerate, £2,321,692, AEA Technology Plc Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrators, £7,615,630, University of Birmingham London South East Bid : Mercedes-Benz, EDF Energy, Elektromotive, Westminster City Council & Greater London Authority Consortia, £1,881,021, Mercedes Benz UK Paving the way for full commercialisation of plug in hybrid vehicles, £0, Toyota Europe Subsea Wireless Condition Monitoring (SWICOM), £337,326, Wireless Fibre Systems Ltd Wireless Riser and Intervention Monitoring (WRAIMS), £376,232, Wireless Fibre Systems Ltd Well POWER- Wellhole Pressure Monitoringwith Optical Waveguide Sensors for Enhanced Recovery, £199,085, Smart Fibres Ltd Downhole Acoustic Flow Meter, £785,892, Silixa Limited Turbidite Forward Modelling for Improved Reservoir Models, £352,812, Midland Valley Exploration Ltd Online Measurement of Sand Content in Multiphase Flows, £278,441, Johnson Matthey Plc Co Mic: Ensuring Effective Oilfield Corrosion Management, £306,877, LUX Innovate Ltd Prediction of Scale Deposition Kinetics – A Step Change in Inorganic Scale Management, £493,835, BP Exploration Operating Company Limited A Novel Approach Tom Uncertainty Quantification & Risk Assessment In Petroleum Reservoir Developments, £1,140,686, BP Exploration Operating Company Ltd Tore Nado, £278,808, MERPRO LIMITED IT 3D Visualisation (“the Technology”, £555,793, Real-Status Limited DACAR, £871,627, Chelsea and Westminster NHS SATURN Self-organising Adaptive Technology underlying Resilient Networks, £2,133,608, British Telecommunications plc Cloud Stewardship Economics, £1,031,084, Hewlett Packard UK Ltd HISTORIC – Feasibility study related to low-cost, high-density, scalable WDM-PON OLT Subsystem, £74,250, ADVA Optical Networking Limited HISTORIC – ALOHA, £72,450, Compound semiconductor HISTORIC – (Al In Ga As Lasers for Optical Home Access), £60,000, CIP Technologies HISTORIC – HOWL- Hi-performance Optical-Wireless Links for home access, £65,696, Compounded Semiconductor HISTORIC – WDM Access Networks Based on Arrayed Waveguide Gratings, £74,250, Bookham Technology plc HISTORIC – Next Generation Radio over Fibre Distributed Antenna Systems, £75,000, Zinwave limited Novel Processes and Designs for High Volume MEA Manufacture, £984,923, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells Ltd Low Cost, Durable Thermoplastic Hydrogen Storage Tanks (Dura Stor), £870,213, EPL Composite Solutions Ltd Smart Cell, £969,950, Ceres Power Ltd Innovative Air Cooled Fuel Cell Power Systems for MHE, £1,278,037, Intelligent Energy Ltd.

Component Development for Improved MEA and Stack Stability, £1,005,255, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells Ltd Enhanced fuel cell systems for real world commercial and passenger vehicle applications, £1,419,545, Intelligent Energy Ltd Research, build and test the world’s first 1k W environmental monitoring system powered by platinum free cathode technology, £974,311, ACAL Energy Ltd High Performance Low temperature Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell (DEFC), £961,175, Johnson Matthey Plc FC-AMS (Fuel Cell Air Management System) with improved Balance of Plant, based on innovative turbo-compressor technology and integrated systems engineering, £427,404, Ultra Electronics Precision Air Systems Feasibility Study to repower 140MW Pulverised Fuel Boiler to lower CO2 emissions (FS4PF boiler), £112,500, Progressive Energy Limited High Efficiency Electricity Generation and CO2 Capture from Blast Furnace Gas (BFGCO2), £112,500, Progressive Energy Limited Feasibility study for offshore CCS using innovative Sea Commander autonomous buoy technology (Sea Sequestor), £111,000, Ocean Resource Limited Steel Plant CO2 sequestration using high efficiency micro-algal bioreactor, £112,500, Suprafilt Limited Oygen Transfer Device, £74,600, Newton Industrial Group Ltd Synthesis of cyclic carbonates from power station exhaust gas, £99,277, Noviatec Limited Carb-ATTACT, £112,500, Carbon8 Systems Limited Carbon Abatement Technologies Feasibility Studies, £112,739, ITI ENERGY LTD.

CO2 Optimised Compression (“COZOC”), £254,500, Rolls-Royce PLC Lower-cost Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems using III-V cells (III-V CPV), £360,926, Whitfield Solar Ltd LOW BAND-GAP THERMOPHOTOVOLTAIC CELLS FOR CLEAN ENERGY GENERATION AND EFFICIENT WASTE HEAT ENERGY, £967,260, WAFER TECHNOLOGY LTD High Temperature Membranes for PEM and DM Fuel Cells, £637,076, Ionic Polymer Solutions Limited Development of low cost, high-efficiency and long-life photovoltaic cells, £623,586, Teer Coatings Limited DD-DSM: Demonstration of Distributed Demand-side Management as a service to the UK grid operator, £715,736, E.

ON Engineering Ltd Hy Stor M – Tuning Promising H2 Storage Materials Towards Automotive Applications, £1,113,924, Johnson Matthey plc Biorefinery carbon capture and conversion into industrial feedstocks as direct replacements for petrochemicals (CCIF), £896,508, Boots UK Limited Impact of High Concentration of SO2 & SO3 in Carbon Capture Applications, £389,628, Doosan Babcock Energy Limited High rate, high energy batteries utilising nanostructured electrode materials, £315,689, Qineti Q Ltd HEAT-SAVE: A new manufacturing process to produce a novel cellular vacuum insulation panel for retrofit into buildings to reduce heat loss and energy, £396,276, H H UK Ltd Nanomaterials for Clean Fuels, £1,311,661, Johnson Matthey Phased array ultrasonic inspection of dissimilar metal joints (DISSIMILAR, £621,432, TWI Limited New Materials and Methods for Energy Efficient Tidal Turbines NEW-MMEETT, £336,006, Advanced Composites Group Limited Sustainable Power Cable Materials Technologies with Improved Whole Life Performance, £359,630, National Grid Electricity Energy efficient bio-based natural fibre insulation, £390,679, Bangor University PURPOSE – Plastic UV Radiation Protection Operating by Stokes Emission, £661,613, Intrinsiq Materials Limited New homogeneous and novel cathode catalyst materials for liquid regenerating non-platinum PEM fuel cells, £322,271, ACAL Energy Ltd Low cost integrated PV in double glazed windows using Cd Te bifacial solar cells, £763,459, Ove Arup & Partners Ltd Advanced Ceramic Matrix Composites for Energy Generating Gas Turbine Applications, £825,406, Rolls-Royce plc Advanced Surface Protection to Enable Carbon abatement Technologies (ASPECT), £1,292,922, Doosan Babcock Energy Limited High-temperature Silicon Carbide Electronics (HITSIC), £762,978, Raytheon Systems Limited Nano-Engineered Catalyst Layers and Sub-Structures (NECLASS), £544,137, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells Limited Sensor Coating System – Se CSy, £377,998, Southside Thermal Sciences (STS) Limited Polymer Photovoltaic Architectural Glass, £567,360, Polysolar Ltd.

TDP Road Pricing, £266,219, Kizoom Ltd Integrated Mapping System to underpin Road Pricing by Zone/Locations/Timeband, £157,128, ESRI UK Ltd 3GRSE, £403,200, telent Technology Services Limited Trusted Road Usage, £1,448,983, Trakm8 Limited CEDAR – Charging Electronically by Distance And Road, £199,905, Thales Transport & Security Ltd BT Intelligent Transport, £269,603, BT plc Vincenzio in End-to-End Road User Charging, £881,927, Avanti Communications Ltd Consumer Telematics Proposition, £836,890, Minorplanet Systems plc Development of novel non-crimp engineered fabric for ballistic apparel and composite use., £563,278, J&D Wilkie Ltd Light weighting of off road engineering vehicles, £294,250, TWI Ltd Lightweight Cryogenic Marine Heavy Lift Buoyancy System, £1,325,514, Deep Sea Recovery Limited Micro-Porous Metals for Thermal Management, £321,028, C-Tech Innovation Ltd Affordable Discontinuous Carbon Composites for Structural Automotive Applications, £1,839,848, Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd Advanced Composites Truss Structures (ACTS), £938,845, Bentley Motors Limited Recyclable Ultra Light Mixed Material Automotive Platform (RULMAP), £383,223, Innoval Technology IMAJINE – Innovative Multi Materials Jointing Integrity Engineering, £939,170, ESR Technology Ltd Lightweight, low energy concretes for use in novel structures, £1,083,276, Queens University Manufacture of Lightweight Conformal Ceramic Armour Systems, £325,621, Powdermatri X Faraday Operated Bio-Based lightweight sandwich structures for packaging applications, £825,630, Bangor University Developing Improved Service Propagation Lives in Arduous Cyclic Environments DISPLACE, £865,974, Rolls-Royce plc Affordable Recycled Carbon Fibres (AFRECAR), £427,357, The University of Nottingham Cold Wall Melting and Pouring of Titanium (COLDMELT), £986,998, Phoenix Scientific Industries Limited Advanced Ceramic Armour (ACERARM), £349,590, TWI Limited Li MBS – Lightweight Materials & Structures for Blast Survivability, £851,007, BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd A Lightweight structural health monitoring system (SHe MS), £647,663, TWI Ltd TSB Development of an innovative radar absorbing composite structure for wind turbine blades, £391,416, HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd TSB Optimisation of Oxyfuel PF Power Plant for Transient Behaviour, £204,496, Doosan Babcock Energy Limited TSB DEEP -Gen III – Prototype Tidal Turbine, £3,035,014, Tidal Generation Limited TSB Sealing and Surface Engineering Technologies for USC Steam Turbine Plant (700 – 760C), £606,605, Indestructible Paint Ltd Enhanced Capture with Oxygen Critical Operating Parameters Post-Combustion Scrubbing, £414,532, RWE Npower PLC TSB High Efficiency silicon solar cells with PECVD dielectric rear surface passivation HIGHPOINT, £209,972, Na REC Development Services Limited TSB Novel Direct Methanol Fuel Cell MEA Technology for Electronic Applications, £687,243, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells Ltd TSB ZEFAL The Zero Fault Level Generator for Active Urban Networks, £32,000, Narec Development Services Ltd HISTORIC – TSB CO2 Aquifer Storage Site Evaluation and Monitoring (CASSEM), £0, Scottish Power PLC Multiple-terminal DC transmission micro grid system for interfacing multiple wind tubines, £489,510, Proven Energy Ltd Cost Effective Manufacture of offshore Wind Turbine Foundations (Man OS), £194,250, TWI Limited TSB Integrated Biomass-Fuelled CHP/Cooling System, £285,804, Ashwell Engineering Services Ltd TSB Optimised Oxy Coal Combustion, £195,058, Doosan Babcock Energy Limited TSB Epitaxial silicon solar cells by new generation deposition equipment – EPISODE, £455,866, Echerkon Technologies Limited View Net Context enhanced networked services by fusing mobile vision & location technologies, £715,931, 3C Research Closing the Loop for Eveybodys Energy Resources (CLEVER), £1,031,879, 3C Research Limited Spearhead, £794,312, FM Solutions Ltd MUPPITS, £1,781,048, Digital TV Group PEERSONA : Personal Server Network for enterprise and community P2P computing, £1,092,368, Telecity Group plc Instant Knowledge : A source Autonomous Business Collaboration Service, £676,273, Virtual Centre of Excellence for Collaboration Systems for Digital Media Production, £813,059, ZOO Digital Group plc Smart Injectable Nanoparticles (SIN), £0, BP Exploration Operating Company Distributed Pressure Reservoir Monitoring (DPRM), £925,000, DMS Monitoring New Improved Muds from Environmental Sources (NIMES), £820,920, Durham University Quantifying wet-gas liquid production to improve productivity & reservoir management, £710,277, Schlumberger Cambridge Research Fosar Deep: Deepwater Permanent Reservoir Monitoring Using Fibre Optic Seismic Arrays, £1,919,867, Stingray Geophysical Limited Large Area Micro Patterning of Devices – LAMP, £401,240, CPI Ltd Printed Organic Electronics Technology Innovation through CFD 2 (POETIC2), £177,720, Cambridge Display Technology Ltd ULTRAFINE – Ultra Fast Inorganic Nano Electronics on Flexible Substrates, £543,187, Nano e Print Limited High resoltion R2R flexo printing for volume production of flexible plastic electronics, £708,153, University of Wales, Swansea Customised Adhesion of Interlayers for Plastic Electronics – CAIPE, £668,102, Centre for Process Innovation Novel Organic Matrix Adressed Displays (NOMAD), £436,117, Cambridge Display Technology Ltd Delivering Electronic Components with Aligned layers by Foil stamping (DECAF), £610,145, NPL Management Ltd ACTIVEL, £296,252, Jaguar Cars Limited Mild Hybrid Bus, £1,098,926, Alexander Dennis Ltd (Chassis Range Extended Vehicle REHEV, £4,407,360, Land Rover 2/4CAR 2/4 – Stroke Switching Carbon Reduction Vehicle, £1,360,067, Ricardo UK Ltd Zero Emission London Taxi Commercialisation, £4,680,719, Intelligent Energy Ltd Limo- Green, £2,736,891, Jaguar Cars Ltd High Torque Density Electric Drive For Commercial Vehivles (Hi TED), £263,328, Magnomatics Ltd Flywheel Hybrid System for Premium Vehicles, £2,261,570, JAGUAR CARS LIMITED Hybrid Electric Technology for transit Buses, £1,889,742, BAE Systems (Operations) Limited Engine optimisation for reduced parasitic losses, £2,765,218, Ford Motor Company Ltd.

Virtual Set Live Capture, Processing and Rendering, £503,286, Dinamo Productions Limited VIDEOSENSE – on-line platform for intelligent automatic video analysis and virtual object placement into on-line video, £750,227, Mirri Ad Limited GPMS, £585,937, Hypertag Ltd Browser based delivery and mass market content creation enhancements of existing globally commercialised virtual world development technology, £291,182, Monumental Games i3DLive : interactive 3D methods for live action media, £936,488, The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd 3D World, £603,820, Realtime Worlds Ltd Reducing Theatre Production Costs and Lead Times using Advance Technology ACT R, £441,906, Canard Design Limited CAD-GAME: Computer-Aided Game Design, £811,542, Rebellion Developments Ltd e Move – Personal Motion Sensing System, £723,176, Animazoo UK Ltd.A Calibration Free Continuous Invasive Sensor, £647,192, Gly Sure Ltd OCT at 1 Micron : Improved Cont Rast for Optimal Detection of Neoplasm, £325,658, Michelson Diagnostics Ltd Virtual Anatomy Trainer for Minimal Access Surgery, £396,987, Primal Pictures Ltd New Approach to Environmental Noise Monitoring & Mapping Using Novel Sensors (DREAMS), £749,137, National Physical Laboratory (NPLML) Compact MRI system for Accident and Emergency, £915,533, Tesla Engineering Limited Real Value Automated Landscape Scanner, £803,054, Navtech Radar Ltd EMBody – Next generation electromagnetic walk by body scanners, £259,933, Rapiscan Systems Limited Sensor Fabrication Including Deposition of Conductive Coatings using Inkjet Technology, £637,869, Xaar Jet Limited Ultra Low Power Microhotplate Smart Gas Sensors (ULo GS), £232,701, Alphasense Ltd Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, £357,892, Dexela Limited Imaging to Assess Efficacy and Safety of New Treatments for Alzheimers Disease, £736,049, IXICO Ltd Automated Analysis of Cartilage Thickness and Tissue Quality from MRI, £190,480, Imorphics Ltd Nanotether Biochemistry, £381,430, GE Healthcare UK Ltd RT-ISIS: Realtime In Situ In Vivo Surgical Sensing and Imaging, £0, KARL STORZ Endoscopy (UK) Ltd.Intra-Operative, Dedicated Breast Magnetic Resonance Scanner, £1,628,625, Specialty Magnetics Limited Novel supply chains for complex liquid products reducing emissions, waste and water use, £1,011,197, Unilever Central Resources Ltd Reduced Emissions by Development of Novel Sustainable Flame Retardant Industrial Products Products, £423,713, FIRA International Limited Non firing repairs of vitreous surfaces, £286,870, British Ceramic Research Ltd The Glycerol Challenge, £995,343, Cardiff University ATKINS – Rapid Manufacturing a Low Carbon Footprint, £1,406,575, Loughborough University Hi Per Pol, £696,001, TWI Limited An in-line monitoring tool for scrap reduction and reuse in the plastics industry, £564,996, Colormatrix Europe Limited Green Repolymerised Compounds, £227,136, Envirogen Technologies Limited SWIFT, £522,946, Interface FLOR ltd.Resp Rate, a novel sensor for monitoring respiratory rate, £287,192, Anaxsys Technology Ltd Micro Biosensor for Rapid Separation and Analysis of Blood Constituents – Rapid SA, £444,364, Abbott Diabetes Care Ltd Development of novel photonics based medical device for assessment of dental disease, £346,927, LUX Innovate Limited Novel Tunable Laser Spectroscopy Instrumentation for Breath Analysis (TULSA), £326,426, M Squared Lasers Ltd Device for Enrichment of Skeletal Stem Cells for Orthopaedic Applications, £471,985, Smith & Nephew UK Ltd Senti Mag: The safe and convenient alternative for cancer surgery, £397,896, Endomagnetics Ltd Intra-operative terahertz probe for breast cancer surgery, £522,037, Tera View Limited Diagnosis and treatment of haematological cancers with a single, point of care microarray test (Haemarray)., £223,964, Blue Gnome Ltd Point of Care Blood Cell Analysis, £1,117,893, Philips Electronics UK Limited VIRASENS, £708,183, Orla Protein Technologies Limited Electrochemical sensor for MEtal Toxicity ALert (METAL), £576,673, De Puy International Ltd Microsystems based self-regulating diagnostics, £765,860, Nemaura Pharma Limited Portable Direct Immunoassay Diagnosis Devices for Animals and Humans (PDIDDAH), £513,794, Stratophase Ltd Digital Multi-channel Tibial Implants in Orthopedic Medicine, £436,976, SMITH & NEPHEW UK LIMITED Raman-active Nanoparticle based bioassay for generic rapid, multiplexed diagnostic testing., £857,245, NPL Management Ltd Smart Distress Monitor (SDM), £804,725, Infrared Integrated Systems Limited Development and feasibility of a rapid point-of-care Silicon Nanosystem for the Prediction of Drug Response (SNP-DR), £601,387, DNA Electronics Ltd PRADA (Portable Rapid Automated DNA Analysis), £1,840,604, Enigma Diagnostics Limited Development of point-of-care sensors to improve drug delivery, £322,727, Sphere Medical Limited Non-invasive consumer health evaluation (NICHE), £766,092, Avery Dennison Magnetic Resonance Guided Therapy of Cardiac Arrhythmia (Ma RGi TA), £0, Philips Healthcare plc NGCW : Intergrated Equipping (Int Eq), £5,779,959, Airbus Operations Ltd NGCW : Multi Discipline Optimised Wing (MDOW), £7,929,140, Airbus UK NGCW : Management Integration (MINT) Delta, £2,677,359, Airbus UK WISDOM NGCW : High Volume Manufacture (Hi Vol), £9,811,222, Airbus UK ELF, £9,284,748, Rolls-Royce Plc ELF Project B, £3,553,952, Rolls-Royce Plc Collaborative Research and Development: Environmental Lightweight Fan (ELF) Programme: Project C, £1,659,473, Rolls Royce plc Local Authority UTMC Data into Sat Navs, £88,051, ITIS Holdings Plc Flexi Ride, £324,490, HW Communications Ltd Navigation and Positioning (SNAP), £296,399, Nottingham Scientific Limited Our Travel, £847,421, In Touch Limited Travel Demon, £203,988, e Courier (UK) Limited Empowered Personal Travel Itinerary Monitoring Service (EPTIMS), £750,743, Logica UK Limited Improved information sharing for the more intelligent use of Demand Responsive Transport: A UK booking portal., £255,819, Mobisoft UK Stress Free-The easy way to use personal journey planner, £604,507, Samsung Electronics UK Providing realtime Information for Personal Travel (PIPT), £416,386, Carbon Hero Ltd Provision of (multimodal &) Bus Information using Solar Powered Signs, determination of renewable power budget to maximise info quality; modal shift analysis; develop business case, £94,077, Nexus Alpha Low Power Systems Limited Customer Relationships in Shopper Travel Decisions, £229,200, Derek Halden Consultancy Ltd Spam Jam: Adaptive Travel Alerts using continuous position monitoring, £754,236, Trapeze PTI Limited Reform- Recovery by Electron beam fusion of rare metals, £423,055, ALD Vacuum Technologies Ltd Sustainable Surface Engineered Ceramic Friction (Sur Face), £1,125,852, Surface Transforms plc Sustainable High Energy Absorbing Lightweight Material Development (SHIELD), £320,944, Aigis Blast Protection Ltd Substitution of virgin mineral extenders with mineral wastes in filled functional materials, £468,226, Imperial Chemical Industries Limited Bio Bullets for control of industrial biofoulers, £557,541, Bio Bullets Ltd ENVIRONWOOD, £291,430, Imperial Chemicals Industries Ltd Sustainable Materials for Inkless Digital Printing, £475,312, Data Lase Ltd Recovery of Nickel From Filter Cake (Reconif), £598,209, Env-Aqua Solutions Limited Sustainable Materials & products, £465,771, Unilever Central Resources Ltd SAVING, £735,080, Simpleware Ltd SUSCORP, £559,764, Aestiva Limited Sustainable Technologies for Chitosan and Novel Functional Derivatives, £893,535, Wells Plastic Limited SUSCOAT, £988,695, TECVAC Ltd Development of Sustainable Flushable Products (SUSFLUSH), £403,371, Nice-Pak International Limited Extraction, isolation and application of natural polyphenols, polysaccharides and pigments from British seaweeds for high-value applications (Seaweed3P), £299,209, Bod Ayre Products Limited Re Mould, £483,092, Smithers Rapra Technology Ltd Conformal Printing of Electronics, £847,173, BAE Systems (Operations ) Ltd Sustainable Detergents Systems, £508,579, Unilever UK Central Resources Ltd PAL : Personal and Social Communication Services for Health and Lifestyle Monitoring, £659,051, Ericsson Limited TOTALCARE: a digital health-care framework integrating secure personal monitoring with P2P medical condition community support focused on ageing & obese populations, £678,956, The Capita Group Plc / NHS Choices User Centred Independent Living: The Freedom to Roam, £929,735, Cels Business Services Limited Utilising communications technologies for anytime and anywhere assistedliving solutions, £1,420,132, Hoi P (Healthcare over the Internet Project Hydra, £1,163,797, Onzo Ltd.PEACEanywhere, £1,214,452, Docobo Ltd Distributed Integrated Care Services and Systems, £833,091, The Co-operative Group Limited Feasibility study for interactive, mobile experiences at Historic Royal Palaces’ Banqueting Hall and the Palace of Whitehall (short: HRP mobile experience), £15,000, Interactive Places Ltd HISTORIC – Building Emotional Social Intelligence in a Virtual Playground for Autistic Children (BESIVPAC), £15,000, Mellanium Ltd HISTORIC – Live / Online Space Collaboration Test, £15,000, Hide And Seek Productions Ltd HISTORIC – Improving Creative Output of Micro and Small Publishers via DIY universal translator, £15,000, Publishing Research Laboratories Ltd HISTORIC – Mishorts Online Film Distribution Service, £9,600, Mi Shorts HISTORIC – Mindo, a brainwave driven PC game, £15,000, Alpha-Active Ltd Criminal Evidence Gathering filters, £15,000, Avian Communications HISTORIC – To establish the feasibility and prototype design of a Face Mask for real time facial motion capture, £15,000, Mellanium Ltd HISTORIC – Cross Media Entertainment Platform, £15,000, AMC Pictures Movies On the Move – putting the active into interactive films, £15,000, WONKY Ltd.

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Studying into the feasibility of applying GDIs new technology, focused around the digital delivery of PC games, £15,000, GDI Game Domain International plc HISTORIC – Immersive 3D Light Visualisation System, £15,000, Ltd HISTORIC – WAM3D = Multi User 3D Design Visualisation Software, £14,950, Barnard Microsystems Ltd User Centred Web Site Optimiser, £15,000, Oban Multilingual Strategy Ltd HISTORIC – Synchroni City, £15,000, Zap Art HISTORIC – Fragrant Dispensing Hollow Nanotubes in Disposable Body / Garment patches, £15,000, The Cotsworld Perfumery Machinima Tools, £15,000, INTER-ACTIVA LTD Development of a test framework to investigate the the applicability of Artificial Intelligence techniques to Strategy Games, £15,000, Introversion Software Ltd HISTORIC – Live 3D production, £15,000, Axonica Ltd HISTORIC – Gesture Driven Interfaces for Strategy Games, £15,000, Onteca Limited A feasibility study into a content management system for multiplatform drama, £15,000, Think Tank Maths Ltd in Climate Change Planetarium show -, £15,000, Global Immersion Study to demonstrate the application of emerging micro-billing technologies ÿto the internet distribution of UK developed video games., £15,000, Precision Microdrives HISTORIC – The 51st Floor Concept Exploration, £15,000, Eyebrid Blaze Film Ltd HISTORIC – Who Is Football, £15,000, Phosphorix Limited HISTORIC –, £15,000, Mark Stringer HISTORIC – The Use of Computer Games Technology as an engagement tool which enhances the user experience, £15,000, Digital Native Academy Ltd Combining shape memory polymers in shirt collar bones to maintain the collar point shape & enhance durability, £15,000, Ligh Tex Limited Beasties Lab : Generating Kineric Experiences in Textile Product Design, £15,000, Timorous Beasties Bubbles, £15,000, ymogen limited HISTORIC – 6DOF Interactive Audio Device for the gaming & multimedia industries, £11,865, Dilute Recordings Ltd HISTORIC – Video Tracker, £12,375, Jasmin Vardimon Company HISTORIC – UNIMI (Universal Musical Instrument Interface), £14,954, Sound Intermedia HISTORIC – ITP Virtual, £13,992, ITP Global Limited Rapid simulation of complex form and material, £15,000, Loop.p H Limited HISTORIC – Beamspeaker, £15,000, Ashdown Consultant Engineers Ltd HISTORIC – The Mobility Bridge, £15,000, Globi Games Ltd Holograms in Fashion, £15,000, Couture Clubbing HISTORIC – Games Technology Education (GTE) Platform, £15,000, Learn Play Foundation Limited Lenticular in Fashion, £15,000, Couture Clubbing An – in shoe remote sensing system withh PC interface, £15,000, cascom ltd Methods and models for enhancing the social experience of live film, £15,000, Netribution Ltd t3D-Vinyl: 3D texture synthesis for design, £15,000, Totallytextures Ltd.

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