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Varve chronology dating

Two Early Bronze Age archaeological sites southeast of the Dead Sea (Bab edh-Dhra and Numeira) reveal evidence of catastrophic collapse and burning along the eastern border fault of the Dead Sea Transform Fault.

These two sites are likely the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Korah and all his men were killed and their possessions taken, as the land on which they were camped split apart and closed back upon them (Numbers -33).Can anyone properly comprehend the colossal upheaval that formed continental crust on Day Three? One of the primary physical causes of this great judgment was the “fountains of the great deep,” all of which were “broken up” on a single day (Genesis ).The verb for “broken up” (Hebrew ) means to split or cleave and indicates the faulting process (Numbers ; Psalm ; Isaiah ; Micah 1:4; Zechariah 14:4).The enormous upheaval (probably associated with faulting of seafloor springs) unleashed a year-long global flood. That event was so spectacular, swift, and complete that it became proverbial for the severity of judgment that God’s righteous anger could deliver.God’s purpose was to begin the human race again from the family of Noah. Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah A disaster called an “overthrow” was delivered in about 2050 B. Jesus spoke “woes” exceeding those spoken against Sodom and Gomorrah on Galilean cities that rejected His teaching (Matthew ; -24; Luke ).

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Hypersaline waters preserve seasonally laminated sediment because organisms cannot live or burrow in the bed of the lake. Consider 17 of the most important earthquakes that relate to the Bible. We begin with creation and go through to the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Day Three of Creation Week On the third day of the creation week, the waters of the earth were collected into the oceanic basins as continents appeared (Genesis 1:9-10).

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