What if online dating doesn work intimidating questions to ask your boyfriend

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However, when you finally admit this to yourself, you take the first step to changing all of that.

I know personally, I looked at everything: from what you said on your profile, to how you said it, to what pictures you picked to best represent you with not just a little bit of judgment, but a lot.

I put only the best pictures of myself out there, but not what I look like when I wake up in the morning.

I filtered myself in basically every way, and took what makes me uniquely special out of the equation, so I could be more "marketable." That isn't sexy, romantic or interesting.

It's dishonest, dull and way too technical for something that shouldn't be so systematic.

While I didn't realize this till months later, I was simply unhappy with my life.

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I became who I thought I was supposed to be, not who I was.

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