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"Klaus is out for revenge and we may or may not get into a violent confrontation," Davis teased.PHOTOS: TV's most shocking deaths Added Campbell, who plays powerful teen witch Davina, "In the finale, you see a new story line coming in to play and it makes next season kind of like a new show." Think of the finale this way: "It'd be that angry steaming face, then that red in the cheeks, maybe that purple devil one," Davis suggested. Then some little explosion ones and some little fire ones," Campbell added.It’s like when Donald Trump went to being billion in debt, then he came back and now he’s running for president.I think that same Donald Trump determination lives in Marcel. Does he want to be King again, or has he moved on to other goals?I see the character coming back up, and in my life, I feel like I’m coming back up, as far as being a man and asserting myself. Do you think that rise and fall really affects Marcel and all of the decisions he makes now? I was reading about how, if you give somebody something and then you take it away, it angers them more than if you just never gave them something.

With Dahlia coming back, it wasn’t the right time for him to make a play for the city.DAVIS: Once he’d had a taste of something, his standards changed. Once he gets control of New Orleans again, I think he still has big plans and big dreams, which you’ll get to see.He was King of New Orleans and, from there, he was probably going to try to take over more territory. I can’t give it away, but you’ll learn more about what other opportunities or possibilities are out there for an entrepreneurial vampire.I come to set differently, and it shows up in the character and in my choices.So to answer your question, it’s been very revealing, but it’s been very exciting to see the journey.

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Everything was ripped apart in the city, with Klaus tearing apart all of his own relationships and Dahlia tearing apart everything else.