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I didn’t want to spoil mine and Alex’s friendship, or our living situation, and so I let it slide. But please let me be clear: In the time that I knew Alex, I never had any notion that the girls he was with were anything other than happily consenting to being with him.The idea that anything contrary to that was going on behind closed doors makes me incredibly unhappy, and with that, I just don’t feel able to call Alex a friend of mine anymore. I feel this same way about other past-friends of mine who have been accused.I can’t imagine the bravery that it must have taken, and I’m glad that some of you found the strength to speak out because of others doing the same.I still do not feel a real sense of closure from all of this, and I’m sure that feeling must be vastly worse for you right now.Normally I wouldn’t want to get involved in a conversation like this, but given that some of the accused parties are people that I know personally and have worked with in the past, I don’t feel like I can stay silent this time.

Mc Donnell was born and raised in Bath, Somerset to parents Lindsey and Mark.I desperately want to think about something else right now.To those who came forward with the accusations about sexual abuse and manipulation recently, I have a massive amount of respect for you.For those that haven’t heard yet, we’ve had some pretty unsettling news appear out of a section of our community recently.Many people, including some friends of mine, have come forward to say that they were emotionally manipulated and in some cases sexually abused by certain members of the You Tube community.

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As a musician, Mc Donnell was a member of Doctor Who-themed rock band Chameleon Circuit and was also a member of the short-lived project Sons of Admirals until it was disbanded in May 2011.