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Who is daisy de la hoya dating

Sure, his redneck pompadour and puggish face may suggest the fattest, laziest fuck south of Raleigh-Durham, but tell your instincts to shut the hell up and assess the comedian for his whole: a sebaceous tower of Dixie-fried virility. — 16) Amy Winehouse Her undeniable talent helps mitigate her looks, sure, but more importantly, Amy Winehouse owns being a strung-out mess in a way nobody else has since the '70s.

Whether playing a sad-sack sensei in , New York City's transsexual empress has stretched both the boundaries of gender and her own epidermis, thanks to oodles of elective surgeries. That's a pretty lively roster for a guy who once admitted, "I'm death on wheels, the way I look." Yes, Marilyn, death on wheels. With her labyrinth of hair, naked-girl tattoos and extremely public substance-abuse problem, she looks and acts the way the media wishes every star looked and acted.

And while beautiful people get sexiness for free (usually, anyway — check back soon for some exceptions), ugly people have to work for it.

If you're plump, craggy, acne-scarred the hearts fluttering in your wake.

He might be short, balding and bespectacled, but Allen makes his neuroses work for him.

And if the awkward nice-guy routine doesn't fly, he's got a secret weapon: underneath that veneer lies a voracious sexual appetite that cannot be satisfied by time or starlets.

— 11) Woody Allen There must've been something awfully appealing about Woody Allen for him to pull babes like Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow.

—10) Howard Stern Howard Stern, despite looking like an underfed version of the creature from the black lagoon, can clearly pull (please note wife Beth Ostrosky).

Women say they want confidence, and he's clearly not afraid to ask politicians about their affairs or the world's most beautiful women what gets them off.

Daisy exists in a world of cognitive dissonance, which makes her the perfect choice for a list like this one.

—19) Danny Mc Bride Don't judge Danny Mc Bride.

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When we try to observe Daisy like you would a normal person, all we see is a blur of colors and that bottle of whiskey she seems to always have nearby.

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  1. What's worse: She claims she didn’t even make a dollar off the spectacle, which quickly became TMZ fodder. “That’s one more thing on the laundry list of humiliation,’’ Suleman told Robach. “He said, ‘You can make a couple hundred thousand dollars. She will also appear on HDNet’s upcoming “Celebridate,’’ a celebrity dating show in which three contestants try to win the heart of a celebrity or face elimination.