Who is dale earnhardt jr dating today trolling online dating sites

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Who is dale earnhardt jr dating today

MORE: Key career moments | Junior quiets retirement talk | Sunday observations "Amy has been there every step of the way pushing me to stay focused and to realize the progress we have made and to keep working hard," said Earnhardt, who will miss the rest of the 2016 NASCAR season but hopes to return for 2017's season-opening Daytona 500.

Though Earnhardt has a ways to go before he can resume racing, he says he's making progress in his daily life. Micky Collins' goal "to get Dale feeling as normal as a human being." "Aside from just not being at the track and doing what I'm used to doing, the first four or five weeks were really difficult," Earnhardt said Sunday in a news conference at Darlington Raceway.

You sit on your couch and almost convince yourself you're 100 percent.

"I go to Target or somewhere and I have symptoms and I might stumble across the aisle or something, or need a little more sidewalk than a normal guy," he said.

"But, I've got to put myself through those situations for that to sort of correct itself. Collins) said, the anxiety and the nervousness of the whole process drives all that and makes it much more than it really is.

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was "pretty sick" when he was diagnosed with a concussion eight weeks ago and faced a long, hard road while recovering.

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Dedicated: Earnhardt, 40, and interior designer Reimann, 34, have been dating since 2009. "''We've talked about it,' Earnhard said of a possible engagement ring in February.