Who is esteban loaiza dating now brannon braga dating jeri ryan

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Who is esteban loaiza dating now

but the paperwork hadn't been finalized when she died, so they were still married. Loaiza is suing Starwood Management for million in lost future income, mil in past earnings, and -- get this -- mil more in loss of companionship. Esteban Loaiza has made accusations that Jenni Rivera was cheating on him towards the end of their marriage.

Rosie Rivera wants answers and she's on the mission to get them.

Everything was a surprise to me and until now, up until this moment many things have been said," Loaiza said.

Jenni's former husband said he never had a sentimental relationship with "Chiquis" Rivera and added that she didn't have anything to do with the divorce between the athlete and the singer.

The athlete explained that their relationship was stable and that getting married was an important step for him.

"I did feel a lot of things for her, I was there almost always, in good times and bad times.

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"In the end, I realized that she was unfaithful to me, it was something that really hurt me a lot and I never thought that she was going to divorce me," Loaiza said on .