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Who is journalist liz jones dating

She's vile." She has also had death threats and rape threats, and had to hire a private detective to remove her home address from public and online records.

I'm sure the £500k salary helps to ease things, but no one deserves to feel threatened and scared just for writing a newspaper column.

The donkey of this post's title was one that Liz saved in Somalia.

she had been sent there by The Daily Mail to write an article on the work of a charity.

Tanya is based at The Guardian, Liz at The Daily Mail, would intellectual sparks fly?

Of course they did, but not the predictable ones you might imagine.

She saw a boy hitting a donkey with a metal pipe and angrily snatched it from his hand, saying "If I see you hitting that animal again, I'll hit you." A charity worker took Liz aside and said this wasn't very caring, they were all about education. " and she explained to the charity worker that letting this boy abuse the donkey was not teaching him right from wrong, and he was also destroying his family's only way of carrying water, thus not helping people help themselves.

They talked about women writers being regarded as less credible, Tanya said: "as a female journalist the compulsion to be trivial is enormous." Both Liz and Tanya worked their way up the journalistic ladder, before becoming columnists.

As Tanya put it, the only person who has the right to feel offended by an article that Liz writes is the person she is writing about.

As a journalist herself Tanya was pretty damn good at putting things into perspective for us non-journos.

She said that at the Daily Mail everyone interviewed has to be either 'amazing or shit", there's no middle ground (which is why writers can sometimes come across as being a tad harsh).

She said that the Daily Mail is full of male middle-level editors who change articles that women write, adding things they think a woman would say.

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" And so begins an audience with Liz Jones, undoubtedly one of the most talked about writers in the press, who comes across as shocking and hilarious as her writing is.

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