Who is maria sharapova currently dating mariage comment dating site of may 2016

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Michelle may be a bigger household name, but Tadd is making a name for himself, after qualifying for the 2006 US Open at the age of 15.

Shaun, on the other hand, could get some style tips from Sasha to work into some of his big air boarding maneuvers.

Sharapova is the teen tennis queen, who won the 2006 US Open, while Ovechkin is the superstar sniper on the Washington Capitals.

Sharapova is currently dating fellow tennis star, Andy Roddick - but that relationship is destined to hit a nosedive faster than Mandy Moore's acting career or his once-great tennis game.

She's better off serving some love to a fellow Russian star, who's closer to her age and reaching his peak at the same time she is.

These two winter sports stars would go together better than ice and snow.

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It's love all for Nicole Scherzinger and her new boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov!