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He's been nominated by many respected institutions of the music industry including MTV and The American Music Awards, and with three albums to date has had four consecutive Grammy nominations.

Musiq has received awards from Billboard, Bet, ASCAP, BMI and Soul Train, along with having his music featured with major corporations such as Mc Donald's, Nike, Coca-Cola, Levi's and The Gap.

The song reflects on one's beauty, and how it is beautiful, inside and out.

– Kenyan gospel singer, Bahati publicly announced that he was in love with Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael and would be privileged to date her- Two weeks after his announcement, the sultry actress has replied to his proposal A fortnight ago, gospel singer Bahati made news when he tendered his interest in dating Elizabeth Lulu, an award winning Tanzanian model.

The singer wrote an update saying that the only thing that would make him truly happy was dating the comely model cum actress.

READ ALSO: Singer Bahati wants to date popular Tanzanian actress who was accused of killing her lover A few weeks into it, the actress has responded to the gospel artists's wish to date her.

The reply, short as it is might be construed as a show of acceptance, notice the blushing face.

It might be a happy day for Bahati as the girl waits for him to make his next move.

The dilemma of becoming more than friends puts a strain on their good relationship they use to have as friends and its driving Musiq half crazy. "Teach Me" only ranked #42 on the Hot Billboard 100.Her reply, according to a colleague of mine who fancies himself an expert with women, might be an innocent way of saying,"aaaaw, cute, I love that you think I'm all sweet but I'm not interested for now.It is a polite No" My lady on the other hand, seems to differ.Who knows, might not be too long before you see this soulstar in a venue near you...When you think about the genre Neo Soul Music, one of the artists that should be mentioned is the talented singer Musiq Soulchild. Y" is an upbeat party song that is sampled from De La Soul's rap song "Buddy".

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Musiq Soulchild also known as Musiq, was born with the given name Taalib Johnson. This song reflects wanting to have someone to "hang out" with, without any strings attached. The song did rather well and ranked #2 on the R&B Charts, but only reached #36 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Yes" “Yes" has a great "hook" that will have you singing that same chorus hook for the rest of the day or night.

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