Who is rose mcgowan dating 2016

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Who is rose mcgowan dating 2016

Around this time, a masked serial rapist begins terrorizing Miami, raping and mutilating fashion models.Referred to as "The Carver" by the media, he leaves deep cuts on both sides of his victims' mouths, resembling a smile.Quentin Costa, a surgeon from Atlanta, is called in to help Christian fix Sean's face.After Christian becomes a Carver victim himself, he finds it difficult to continue working.In the middle of the second season, Julia learns that Matt is, in fact, Christian's biological son (the result of a one-night stand just prior to Julia and Sean's wedding).Though Sean eventually forgives Christian, he finds it difficult to do so for Julia, and the two separate.He is nearing middle age and trying to come to terms with the choices he has made in his life; he believes that he went into plastic surgery to help repair the bodies of the deformed and the mutilated, but became sidetracked in performing vanity procedures.

Sean is eventually attacked by The Carver in his home, but is more fortunate than most of his victims; he receives only a single cut on his right cheek and is not raped.The Carver attacks while Christian is in jail, and Christian is set free.The incident greatly hurts business at Mc Namara/Troy, and Sean begins to question the cosmetic surgery business again.After an incident in which the doctors attempted to perform plastic surgery on an elderly woman in unfit condition for such a procedure, Sean quits the practice and joins the Witness Protection Program.He only performed one operation on a son and mother, with whom he then began to have a relationship.

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