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Also, she is an over-sharer who thought that more than cons, sharing online has more pros.If you are starting web design career, I would suggest you contact Jessica Hische for sure she will share her professional views.Visit her website and learn the deep meaning of Ribbons of Red – her portfolio and blog in one.Winner of CSS Design Awards December 2010 and on 2012, the tables were turned and she became one of the jury of the said design awards body.

A full-time freelance creative director, designer, providing: web, UI, logo identity, and typography design. Stalking her Twitter account and an excerpt from one of her interviews proved she really is a fun gal, “I make designs and it’s fun and I’ve been doing it practically my entire life and I like colors and when I grow up I wanna be a supermodel and music is awesome and I love watching anything in HD and I love video games, vinyl toys and Lego™ and this sentence is ridiculous” (Rina Miele Interview). Imagine what would you feel if you were an owl and this charming lady will stick with you forever!

She now run Youand I Graphics and also travels across the globe as evident on her website that she loves to travel. For five years she led and now she is a part of This is my Jam.

She continues her league to improve music on the Web.

Female web designers constantly battle to acquire the top spot in web design industry.

Though we cannot speak in numbers, recent blog listing posts is clear evidence of the huge difference in the head count of males and females in this industry.

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Studies shows that pets can improve your health – and for web designers who always sit in front of a computer, some might have stress that only pets can help relieve.

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