Youth group games about dating

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After another minute the whole group goes looking for the ray guns.

The point of the game is to not get caught by the aliens while looking for the ray guns (the only way to get the aliens out is to be holding onto the ray gun while touching the alien).

Play this game at night in a church or at someone’s house where it will stay dark inside. Give the ray guns 1 minute to hide and then send the aliens off.The ray guns can give away their position if they want to but they should stay hidden (makes it more fun).The aliens are chasing everyone around while they are on the look out for the ray guys.Not only did I notice and feel the difference but my golf buddies did also. Hey were all differing degrees of gay and streight right? For you lad's who don't know about Fantasy Island.don't worry about it boys, Daddy will teach you everything you need to know. As of now i'm into Leather, Socks, Feet, Nice Hairy ass holes.

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These are the games that youth leaders are looking for and some of these games can be weird, gross, obnoxious and repulsive. To help knock down the walls that kids start building, to teach them that everyone is different and different is okay.

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